Graduate Minor

Graduate students working in fields related to the study of religion are welcome to apply for the Religious Studies Graduate Minor in the Cornell Graduate School. The minor is designed to offer students in relevant major fields—including Asian literature, religion, and culture, anthropology, africana studies, Medieval studies, Near Eastern studies, classics, and/or philosophy—the opportunity to delve more deeply into religious studies, to build an intellectual community around the study of religion, and to prepare themselves professionally for academic positions in a religious studies department.

The minor is mentor-based: each student will select a mentor from the list of core faculty who will help in identifying three courses from a student’s ongoing coursework that have significant religious studies dimensions, serve as a member of the student’s graduate committee, and assist the student in their professional development.

This is a minor field.  Application for admission to the graduate school is made only to the major fields. 

To discuss the program and to apply, students should contact the Director of the Religious Studies Program.