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Explore religious traditions in all of their complexity

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Our program offers an excellent opportunity to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complex ways in which religious traditions inform human thought and behavior. The courses offered explore religion as an academic, as opposed to a confessional, pursuit. Religious traditions are explored in all of their complexity through comparative and thematic studies as well as in specific historical or cultural contexts.

The Religious Studies Program meets the needs of three classes of students: students planning to pursue advanced degrees in the academic study of religion or allied disciplines; students desiring a systematic study of religion as part of their liberal arts education; and students seeking courses on religion to fulfill distribution requirements.

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Affiliated programs at Cornell

Our program is closely connected through joint faculty members, cross-listed courses and collaborative events and projects to departments and programs across campus like:  anthropology, art historyAsian studies, classics, Jewish studies, history, philosophy, Literatures in EnglishNear Eastern studies and romance studies.