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Simone Pinet

Professor of Spanish Literature


Simone Pinet (Ph.D. 2002 Harvard University, A.M. 1998 Harvard University, B.A. 1996 UNAM) is Associate Professor of Spanish and Medieval Studies. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in medieval and renaissance Spanish literature and culture; the approach in these courses tends to be interdisciplinary, addressing literary cultures, theories of space, poetics, books of chivalry and prose fiction in general, theories of fiction, cartography, and critical theory.


  • Religious Studies Program
  • Romance Studies

Graduate Fields

  • Medieval Studies
  • Romance Studies


  • Medieval Iberian literatures and cultures
  • Medieval and renaissance cartography
  • Mester de clerecía
  • Books of chivalry and the modern novel
  • Medieval and renaissance fiction
  • Art/literature interactions
  • Rhetoric, historiography, poetics
  • Critical theory




  • Death in Fifteenth-Century Castile: Ideologies of the Elites. By Laura Vivanco. London: Tamesis, 2004. Hispanic Review 74.2 (2006): 220-222.
  • Amadis of Gaul, Books I and II. A Novel of Chivalry of the 14th Century Presumably First Written in Spanish. Revised and reworked by Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo prior to 1505. Translated from the Putative Princeps of Saragossa, 1508 by Edwin B. Place and Herbert C. Behm. With a New Foreword by John E. Keller. Lexington, KY: The University Press of Kentucky. 2003. 685 pp. Bulletin of Spanish Studies 83:2 (2006): 281-282.
  • Creación y difusión de “El baladro del sabio Merlín” (Burgos, 1498), by Pedro M. Catedra, Jesus D. Rodriguez Velasco. SEMYR Series: Estudios y ensayos, serie chica 3. Salamanca: Seminario de Estudios Medievales y Renacentistas, 2000. The Medieval Review, 2004.
  • Le roman de chevalerie en Espagne. Entre Arthur et don Quichotte, by Sylvia Roubaud-Bénichou. Paris: Champion, 2000. 404 páginas. Hispanic Review (spring 2003): 273-274.