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Religious Studies Undergraduate Program

The Program provides students with opportunities to discover the complexity and diversity of the world’s religious traditions through either a major or minor in religious studies. 

Some courses being offered this Fall (all courses can be found here):


Kim Haines-Eitzen,  Professor

Now, more than ever, understanding how religion intersects with history and politics, society and culture, economics and the environment, literature and the arts is a vital part of a liberal arts education.

Featured Course

RELST 2247- Controvery and Debate in Islam

TR            2:55 - 4:10pm                  Chiara Formichi

Whether it is politics, society, the law, sexuality, popular culture or minorities' rights, the media are saturated with news on Islam. This course introduces topical issues in Islam as a religious, historical, cultural and political phenomenon. We will discuss this religion's manifold interpretations and investigate its multiple manifestations across the globe, giving special attention to Asia (from Iran to China, Indonesia, Afghanistan, India, Thailand, etc.). Key themes include religious devotion, the arts, Islamic law, gender, statehood, jihad, and sectarianism. No previous knowledge of Islam is required as the course covers the fundamentals of Islam as a religious system as well as a historical phenomenon.