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About Us

Welcome to the Religious Studies Program, where religious traditions are explored in all of their complexity through comparative, contextual (in specific historical or cultural contexts), and thematic studies.

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Ann Blackburn

Faculty Research

A few highlights of our current work:

  • Anne Blackburn (Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia)
  • Caitlin Barrett (Classical archaeology, culture, Ancient Greek religion and ritual)
  • Chiara Formichi (Islamic studies and Southeast Asia)
  • Daniel Gold (tradition of North Indian poet-saints known as Sants)
  • Andrew Hicks (The Broken Harp: Musical Metaphor in Classical Persian Literature)
  • Cary Howie (transcendence and materiality)
  • Lucinda Ramberg (Given to the Goddess: South Indian Devadasis and the Sexuality of Religion)


Perhaps the biggest thing I gained from Religious Studies was a personable yet critical way of looking at all the people I meet in my life -- both as individuals and as groups.

— Andrew DeJohn '01