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Here is a sampling of what some of our alumni are up to.

  Emily Chammah '10 currently works as an immigration paralegal, "many of these clients are claiming asylum based on religious persecution, and knowledge of other religions has become especially helpful and relevant to my daily life," says Chammah.

Emily has also recently published a story in The Common. You can read her story, Tell Me, Please, online at

Read the complete Q&A with Emily here.

  Andrew DeJohn '01 works writing, producing and directing films and documentaries, for channels like History, Discovery and  Nat Geo. "Don Frederickson's course Film and Spiritual Questions (RELST 473) really changed the course of my life when I took it the last semester of senior year," says DeJohn.

Read the complete Q&A with Andrew here.

  Emma Gerstenzang '15  is currently a medical student at Columbia University.

"[Religious Studies] influenced me to select a career choice that brought meaning into my life and that tries to help other people navigate challenging moments in their own lives."

Full article and link to a video interview with Emma, here.

  Matthew Hudson '15 is currently enrolled at Harvard Divinity School and is looking to pursue a PhD in philosophy of religion.

What drew  you to Religious Studies at Cornell?

Prof. Jane-Marie Law, a general curiosity about Asian religious philosophy, and a nagging sense of wonder about metaphysics and cosmology.

  Lisa Malloy '17 graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor or Arts in Performing and Media Arts, and Religious Studies. She was awarded Summa Cum Laude honors in Religious Studies. Lisa plans to obtain experience in a nonprofit organization and to develop projects and stories as a writer, photographer, performance artist and documentary filmmaker in preparation for a career in social, environmental and artistic activism and independent documentary filmmaking.

  Samara Selden '13 is traveling Southeast Asia, researching different types of mind-body healing, spirituality and wellness, religious sites, local customs, and stories. " What can we learn from cultures whose approach to healing and medicine are different from our own? How do our daily rituals shape our perspectives on life and happiness?  How can we integrate whole-body wellness into our daily lives?  How can we focus our attention and actions on things that matter most to us and move past the constant distractions that stand in our way?  How can we make wellness a habit instead of an afterthought? " These are questions she is trying to answer.

Follow her Travel Blog to learn more! 

  Jonathan Schmidt-Swartz '15 is a second year Ph.D. Student, Bible and the Ancient Near East, at New York University.

"Religious Studies brought together all of my various interests into a single major. I had the opportunity to explore and problematize the category of "religion" through various disciplinary lenses: anthropological, literary, sociological, psychological and historical. The interdisciplinary nature of the Religious Studies Program exposed me to new ways of thinking, taught me to be an effective communicator, and transformed me into a life-long learner. Through the Religious Studies Program at Cornell, I gained a sense of the philosophical and moral complexity of life, and came to appreciate that the dichotomies and categories that we create for ourselves are constructs to aid in objectification."

  Jenin Younes '08 is an apellate public defender. "Studying religion taught me to question everything and open my mind to new ideas," says Younes.

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